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An example of a Custom Nokia Phone Cover Suppliers from offers top quality unique personalised gifts for a mobile / cell phone cover / fascia / housing, computer mouse, glasses case, tattoo, bottle label, chocolate wrapper, etc to your design. Just ask and we can personalise anything with a top quality full colour image in any shape.

Great news, we now have what you have always wanted, a very high quality, unique, scratchproof image of anything for your mobile / cell phone cover, glasses case, computer mouse, hair brush, etc with our new unique digital printing process.

You can put your face, text, logo, child, pet, pop star, website or anything on the cover of every model of mobile / cell phone, i-pod, walkman, spectacles case, etc - anything you have in any shape!

We can print these high quality image skins in any shape that you want, min. order 1 only.

You can create the image using the 3 buttons below, or just email your image, memory card / stick to us and we will do exactly what you want - we always return your originals with your order.

Our aim is to enable you to create a unique design for anything that you want to personalise - and we really mean anything - if you don't see it listed just ask and we will say yes!

We post your order anywhere in the World within one day of payment.

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