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Affiliate / Partnering Opportunities - Phone Covers, PC mice, glasses case

You can't fail to have noticed the huge increase in cell / mobile phone cover sales. Our cellular / mobile phone covers are unique in that we ensure both the greatest quality and flexibility of design and supply. Both corporate and general public customers believe that we offer a second to none service as we ensure that each customer achieves a truly unique service. Our services are an easy way of generating interest and revenue for an existing site, whether telecommunications, music-based, style, image, fashion, niche markets, or not, and it is proving a viable proposition to advertise services entirely 'off the page' in traditional media such as newspaper adverts and magazines.

Our complete personalisation service to cellular / mobile phone covers and PC mice, glasses case consists of:
-Site Design and Hosting
-Online Credit Card Payments
-Affiliate / Partner Reporting

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Site Design and Hosting will design and host the pages to your exact requirements. This could take a number of forms, from a simple co-branded site listing all personalised products that we produce to fully customised integration into your own site. You can provide us with logos to use and branding details or we can simply copy the style of your own site. The objective is to ensure the customer feels that the personalised products area is an extension of your website. Use of frames or domain rewrites can be used to ensure that the customer never knows they are leaving your site.

Online Credit Card Payments

We use one of the UK's largest online payment service providers allowing us to process transactions from all major credit and debit cards. We can also provide transaction processing in multiple currencies.

Product Delivery

Once payment has been received for an order we can dispatch the item requested within 48 hours. Every order is checked by an operator to ensure the item has successfully been sent, thus guarding against customer error going unnoticed.

Affiliate / Partner Reporting and Sales Data

Affiliates / Partners are supplied with monthly sales statistics.

For more information on customised cellular / mobile phone covers and PC mice, glasses case, please contact

Max Manners
Tel: +44 (0)1273 30 40 10

Click here for the Affiliate Agreement & Registration